NedCard is a global manufacturer with cost-efficient “state-of-the-art” plants in Europe and Asia. Today NedCard has a production capacity of 1.5 billion modules per year and more than 2300 employees. The company aims at maintaining its leading global position as an independent reel-to-reel module assembly and testing facility for the Smart Card, RFID and related markets.

Our business model is based on being an independent manufacturer and supplier of parts and components for Smart Card and RFID consumables.


Smart card market
NedCard’s activities in the Smart Card market are focussed on assembly and testing of micro-modules as a subcontracting service. The customer provides wafers that are processed into the applicable micro-module packages.

RFID market
The RFID market is a rapidly growing new market with a huge application potential. Today, NedCard provides dual-interface, contact-less and smart-labela variety of specialitymodule packages for this market. It is our strategy to extend our role further in the supply chain by assembling inlays and pre-laminates for RFID labels, cards and tags, in this market by developing customized packaging solutions for developing high volume markets.

The cleanroom is qualified class 100.000 according to US-FED-Stand. 209 standards. Further we have implanted implemented a fully comprehensive ESD scheme preventing potential damages caused due to electrical static discharge currents.



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