SallandElectronics provides innovative development and production services in the area of Industrial Electronics. SallandElectronics has 27 employees and is located in Zwolle.


The use of modern electronics has enlarged the possibilities in our live enormously. New, original applications are developed regularly. A period of intensive preparation is often going prior to it. Ideas have to be translated into usable en reliable hard- and software. excellent product is the result of an intensive period using knowledge and experience. Ideas, design, build, test phase and production are worked out in detail. Surprising inventions, practical solutions, cost reduction, are key words for the engineers of SallandElectronics. The slogan we use at SallandElectronics is: Electronics : human powered!

Complete service

You can do business with us in every stage of the project: advice, development, test phase, production or purchase and logistics. Also in a later stage of the project SallandElectronics gives support and service. The assembly of electronics PCB's can be arranged by SallandElectronics. Depending of product complexity and quantities, SallandElectronics has the choice to subcontract it to local assemblers or assemblers in the Far East.


  • embedded hardware and software
  • internet technology
  • wireless applications
  • energy efficient solutions
  • sensor networks

People and means

For outsiders electronics has often the image to be detached, the contrary is more real. SallandElectronics’ people are working on new solutions with much enthusiasm. Spoken popularly: It gives them a kick to surprise each other - but especially the customer - with new inventions. Through knowledge management the mutual know-how in the organization is kept to every employee as accessible as possible.

Cost and effort

For the development of a product of high standard and quality, every detail needs optimal attention. However you want to control the financial side of the case and get fast and efficient result. With SallandElectronics you will save cost and effort, while you are assured of a good result. You can do business with them in every phase of the project from development, test and production.

Industrial Electronics
Location in East Netherlands
Activities in East Netherlands
R&D, (software), production, sales and manufacturing
Number employed in East Netherlands
27 (Source: SallandElectronics, April 2007)
Country of origin
The Netherlands
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