EPR knows the electronics product lifecycle inside-out. That’s why we are the partner for your technology challenges, production requests and innovative solutions. With an EPR solution, you can accelerate your product design, prototyping, NPI, full production and test stages in order to reach your business goals faster than ever.


EPR operates as a full service provider and partner for the delivery of PCBA’s, Electronics Modules and Systems. We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality electronics offering fast turnaround times and dedicated service capabilities. 


State-of-the-art equipment, advanced testing methods, innovative quality systems and processes ensure defect-free products. We are constantly adding new capabilities to support customer requirements. Cost-effectiveness is incorporated in our processes and we are constantly striving for optimization. 


EPR creates competitive advantages for their customers at every step of the value chain. More and more, companies need a pro-active manufacturing partner to deliver not only manufacturing services, but to be part of their design process as well in order to realize well producible and testable designs.


Our engineering services, manufacturing, testing and logistics solutions make our customers to excel in their business and achieve a fast time-to market. Thanks to the diversity of our technical knowledge, advanced manufacturing technologies and supply chain management capabilities, there are practically no limits to how our customers can team up with us.