TOWA Europe B.V.


TOWA Europe B.V. PDC (Packaging Development Center) has been established  November 2013 and is a fully owned subsidiary of the TOWA Corporation of Japan, a leading supplier of Molding and Singulation equipment for the global semiconductor and electronics industries.  

TOWA Europe B.V. PDC plays a leading role in the development of packages for new Semiconductor, MEMS, Sensor, Automotive & Power electronics and LED products on wafer level, large panel, strip level and individual units, in cooperation with the package/product development centers of European customers and European institutes. Full support can be given in all the phases of product development, from initial concept up to test, qualification and industrialization. 

Applications are a.o. in the automotive, medical, PC, mobile phone and tablet industries. TOWA’s Transfer and Compression molding technology is not only applied to Semiconductor devices but to Lenses for LED and solar panels as well.

The European Marketing, Sales and Service department for the TOWA systems is also located at the Duiven, the Netherlands.