Detron Lifecycle Services



Detron lifecycle Services bv your partner in delivering, testing, refurbishment and repair services.   

DetronLifecycle Services b.v.  is part of Detron ICT Groep ( 500+ employees ) a privatelyowned specialist in High-End Multi-VendorRepair Services, Life Cycle Extension, Refurbishment, Vendor Management and Value Added Services of industrial computers( parts), Workstations.  Offering a complete package of services enables DLS tofulfiltherequirements of large enterprisesandgovernmentbodiesthroughouttheworld. DLS stands forexperience, reliability, independenceand excellence in keepingyourcritical systems operational.


To guarantee the highest quality, Detron complies strictly with ESD regulations. We have an extensive set of rules and equipment that support our engineers in maintaining the standards clients expect. In addition, our stringent testing regime guarantees the quality of customer products.


The benefits to our clients include lower operational expenses, extended system performance and availability, reduced capital expenditure and an active green business approach. In addition, we can provide a shorter reverse logistics and repair cycle, leading to a reliable inventory and higher service margins.