Shared EDA


Shared EDA is an association that aims to increase the competitiveness and innovation of SMEs in the Benelux region. Our key areas are:

  • ASICs
  • FPGA
  • PCB Design

Our members must be located in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg.
Shared EDA provides all tools at very competitive prices and member companies may share all tools to gain extra efficiency and instant capacity.

  • Ensure availability of state-of-the-art EDA tooling and associated libraries of all major EDA vendors to develop ASIC, FPGA and PCB designs to SMEs atcompetitive prices
  • Facilitate/coordinate centralized training and education EDA tools and design methodologies
  • Share IP and library knowledge efficiently among SMEs
  • Ensure that SMEs use the same toolset as their OEMs, which leads to a win-win situation

Overall benefits:
  • Better national and international competitiveness with professional EDA Tools
  • More attractive partner for big companies (e.g. NXP, Philips, ASML etc.) using same toolset
  • Higher engineering capacity by working more efficiently
  • More innovation power through access to latest technologies at acceptable cost
  • Utilize training facilities for engineers and students on EDA tools and design methodologies
  • Better access to know-how, public domain and commercial IP by Sharing (common) IP Blocks
  • Easy contracting with major international suppliers

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