NTS Optel


NTS Optel is a technical engineering and consultancy company, specialised in applied optics, opto-electronics, imaging and laser technology. Through sophisticated application of optical technologies NTS Optel can help you with product development and product innovation, process control, quality control, and management of production processes. In their prototype lab NTS Optel can realize complete measurement systems and sensors ranging from a single prototype to alpha and beta production series. Over the years NTS Optel has built up comprehensive experience in the medical, analytical, semiconductor, food, printing and other markets.
NTS Optel is a 100% subsidiary of the NTS-Group (Eindhoven).

NTS Optel


System and product design involving optical measurement techniques

Locations in East Netherlands


Activities in East Netherlands

Optical design, Consultancy, Engineering, Manufacturing and Production

Number employed in East Netherlands

13 FTE (NTS Optel), 650 FTE (NTS group)

Country of origin

The Netherlands

For more information: www.optel.nl