Welcome to the era of ‘Big Data’. Sensors produce a wealth of data on where things are, how they move, what their environment feels like, and in which condition they are. Cameras continuously monitor production processes and product quality. Things get smarterand generate ever more data.The amounts of data that all these things produce are so immense, that it is quickly becoming impossible to save and store all data. And more importantly, are you really interested in the raw data? Or would you rather have a fast action, correction, or alert? Meet FlexaWare, a real-time data analytics embedded platform. It processes large amounts of data in real-time, turning them into corrections, actions, and alerts on the spot.

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FlexaWare extracts critical information from the data  and turns it into immediate action. It comes with programming tools that make it easy to implement your data analytics application on its many processing cores. Design your analytics application in the FlexaWare Software Development Environment, feed the FlexaWare hardware your data, and get actionable results in a split second



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