We provide a complete array of photomask solutions for customers manufacturing devices such as semiconductors (ICs), microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), flat panel displays (FPD), photonics, microfluidics and data storage components.



Recent investments in new technology and joint venture partnerships have propelled Photronics to the forefront of both integrated circuit and flat panel display photomask manufacturing.  Our technology solutions are recognized globally and are allowing customers to build state-of-the art technologies in a cost-effective manner.

Photronics supports wide-ranging technology needs, for critical dimensions of more than a micron contact printing and routine wafer production at 250nm and above, to advanced sub-wavelength reticle applications at 65nm and below. With innovative service initiatives such as our proprietary design software application CyberMask™ and global manufacturing control system MaskTrac™, customers can easily place orders, review SPC data, and track delivery status.  Photronics defines the standard for customer service in the photomask industry.


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