Our customers range in size from some of the world’s largest analytical and diagnostic instrumentation manufacturers to ambitious start-up companies.

Micronit Microtechnologies


Many next generation analytical instruments used in fields such as blood analyses, drug delivery, compound screening and DNA analysis have a microfluidic or “lab-on-a-chip” component at their core. Microfl uidics technologies have the benefi ts of minimal reagent consumption, faster test results and a signifi cant decreased cost per analysis.


MEMS technology enables the integration of single processes like wafer structuring or the achievement of total solutions with added functionality. This results in products containing cavities, channels or holes to integrated metalised through glass vias to wafer level packaging.

Foundry services

Time-to-market is critical for our clients. Micronit’s years of experience in design, prototyping, product development and manufacturing enhances our clients’ success. We offer them:

  • Great flexibility in prototyping and development of challenging designs, engineers with a “can do” mentality
  • Extensive experience and expertise in micromachining, microfluidics and MEMS
  • A wide range of available manufacturing possibilities from low-volume manufacturing of a precision product
    to high-volume production of a fully disposable chip.



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