Detron Lifecycle Services bv is part of Detron ICT Group a privately owned in depended specialist in High-End Multi-Vendor in High-End Computer Systems.

Detron Lifecycle Services

Our services are:

  • Custom specific deliveries / configurations of (high-end) computer systems
  • In depended repair services of computer systems (parts) / embedded boards
  • Specialist of Life cycle extension from computer systems (parts) up to >20 years.
  • Obsolecence management
  • Refurbishment & repair services of computer systems & parts
  • Reverse engineering
  • Clean room services
  • Security Software “In-Control” based on IBM Big Fix

Offering a complete package of services enables DLS to fulfil the requirements of large enterprises and government bodies throughout the world. DLS stands for experience, reliability, independence and excellence in keeping your critical systems operational.

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