The technologically highly advanced equipment is used to produce semiconductor assemblies or ‘packages’, which provide the electronic interface and physical connection between the chip and other electronic components and protect the chip from the external environment.

These leading edge systems offer increased productivity, improved yields of defect-free devices and have a low cost of ownership.

BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.

Broad portfolio
Under the brand names Fico, Datacon, Esec and Meco, Besi offers customers a broad portfolio of systems which address substantially all the assembly process steps involved in leadframe, substrate and wafer level packaging. Besi’s principal product offerings include:

  • Die attach equipment (single chip, multi chip, multi module and flip chip die bonding systems and die sorting systems).
  • Packaging Equipment (molding, trim & form and singulation systems).
  • Plating Equipment (tin, copper and precious metal plating systems).
BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.

Global presence
Besi is a global company with headquarters in Duiven, the Netherlands. It operates seven facilities in Asia and Europe for production and development activities, as well as eight sales and service offices across Europe, Asia and North America. End 2017 Besi employed a staff of more than 2,000 fixed and temporary personnel. All Research & Development takes place in Europe. Production is done in Asia.



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