2017 December 13-15, Semicon Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Geplaatst op: 22-6-2017

Semicon Japan                                           

For the first time, we are organising, together with a Shared Holland High Tech booth at the Semicon Japan 2017 (December 13-15).

Some info about Semicon in Japan:

  • Japan is influential to the global market: Japanese companies supplies 35% of the global market on semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME). 
  • Japan is strong with developments of materials and packaging that is used in almost all the segment. These companies are the SEMICOM Japan visitors.
  • SEMICON Japan receives 2270 foreign visitors. 66% of the foreign visitors are people from Korea and Taiwan where consume a lot of SMEs. They are about 1500 visitors.
  • Large in Equipment Spending in Japan ($5.1B in 2017 and $5.2B in 2018)
  • More info on the Semicon Japan 2017.
We have a very interesting proposition, please let us know if you want to join!